How we differ from others.

Of course we like to purchase profitable, easy to manage companies, too.

Unlike classic financial investors, we do not shy away from companies being in a state of change. We rather look for suitable solutions together with the management.
Our long-term experience and our funds allow us to help you out. 

We have private funds of renowned institutional investors at our disposal, which we add on with co-investments, if required.

Our Investments are always longterm. The funds have maturity of up to 14 years. Thus our investments are of longer duration than others, but also more successful.

Are you expanding and in need of fresh capital, not to mention management expertise? We support expanding companies and know how to enhance their profitability. Ask us.

Crises or turn-around
Are you struggling with a challenging profit situation, operative problems or are you currently in a crisis situation up to imminent or pre-filed insolvency? We’ll help you acquire appropriate equity from the institutional investors that we advise.

Growth through acquisition
Do you want to actively promote your corporate growth by acquiring companies? We’ll assist you in doing just that.

Management succession
Are you currently looking for a successor? With an equity investment and assistance in management, we make a controlled handover possible for upcoming management changes.

Opening up new markets
Do you want to open up new markets here or in other EU countries? We’re happy to assist with capital and expertise.

Do you want to spin off a business division from a larger organization and become independent? Via the funds we advise, we can provide you with fresh capital and new and additional management respectively.