We are right on the spot when a situation requires exceptional action.

The fund we advise invests in companies that are confronted with dramatic change.
However, it also takes a share in profitable and easy to manage companies.  Our investment management companies usually have an annual turnover of about 30 million up to more than 1 billion euros, with typical dimensions ranging around 50 and 300 million euros.

Unlike others, we also invest in smaller companies, if a sound profitability or interesting future prospects allow a strategic advancement. The fund we counsel does, however, not share in start-ups and only commits itself to minority shares in exceptional cases.

We emphasize close cooperation and the best possible development of our investment management companies. Thus we are flexible and prepared for various situations.  Therefore, before investing we verify that a company is able to fulfill all the criteria for cooperating with one of our institutional investors.

Our criteria for this are as follows:

Phases of development
The fund which Perusa advises invests in expansion projects, management vacancies, weak earnings, crisis, turn-around, carve-outs, spin-offs, and in succession situations.

Corporate situation
The fund advised by us also acquires individual business divisions or group companies, as well as companies currently without management.

Divisions of a company
The fund we advise also invests in divisions or separate corporate sections, as well as in „packages“ of rather less matching corporate sections.

Size of revenues
The target companies generate revenues between 30 million and 1 billion euros.

Geographic focus
The fund we advise invests in companies with existing product and market history, which have their headquarters in the European Union.

Sector focus
We are open to any sector.