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Perusa GmbH was founded in 2007. In addition to the founders, Perusa cooperates with numerous partners from enterprise, investment, fund capital, crisis and recapitalization management, private equity and merger & acquisitions.

Dr Christian Hollenberg
He has experience as an investor and entrepreneur in medium-sized companies for more than 20 years. Since 1997 he is a partner of institutional investors, last as a co-founder of the Munich-based Orlando Management GmbH. He has relevant experience as well in operative, turn-around and recapitalization management as in investment banking (J.P.Morgan). Dr Hollenberg studied law in Bonn and Geneva and Business Administration at Harvard Business School (MBA Harvard).

Dr Hanno Schmidt-Gothan
He is a merited manager of medium-sized companies being in state of change. Crisis and recapitalization management also belong to his competences. Dr Schmidt-Gothan worked for McKinsey & Company in Düsseldorf and Atlanta as well as for Accenture GmbH in Munich. He has a Master´s Degree in chemical engineering and management from M.I.T. in the US.